Avoid Self-Storage Nightmares with Our Helpful Tips

Self-Storage in Schenectady

You see it all the time in the movies. The main character packs her things to move into a storage unit, only to have a series of nightmarish complications arise. Antiques are broken, heirlooms are lost, and the storage unit is packed so haphazardly that when it’s full, it seems everything will tumble over at the slightest touch.

You don’t have to have the movie experience. Packing, moving, and storing your things doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are some useful tips to make the process easier for you from start to finish.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Before you even start to pack anything, gather up all the boxes, tape, markers, and packing materials you think you will need. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25-30 lbs each. Gather plastic, cardboard, or blankets that can be used to cover furniture, paintings, and mirrors. Obtain sheet plastic, boards, or pallets to protect your boxes and furniture from the dampness that may accumulate on cement floors. Make a list of the items you are going to store so you will be able to reference it later.

Step 2: Pack Your Things

If possible, use boxes of uniform shape and size for easier stacking. Label each box on all 4 sides and number the box. Note the box numbers on the item list for easier location of items later. Consider which items you are likely to need first or more often once they are stored and label those boxes as front storage only.

Wrap dishes and other fragile items in paper and pack them carefully in sturdy boxes. Mark all boxes containing fragile items as Fragile. Remove table legs, lamp shades, and other removable parts for easier storage, when possible. Pack outdoor items like shoves, hoses, rakes, and hoes in empty trash cans.

Step 3: Arrange the Unit

Use protective covering to separate boxes and furniture from the floor. Even climate controlled units can experience dampness on the cement surface. Leave an aisle if possible for easier access to the rear of the unit. Leave a small space between walls and boxes for air circulation.

Stack heavier boxes on the bottom, lighter on the top. Keep fragile boxes on top or on their own. Use drawer and chest space for small wrapped items. Wipe metal items with machine oil to prevent rusting.

By planning ahead and working with this system, packing and storing your items can be less stressful than you might think.

For more tips or to rent a storage unit for your items, contact us.