Why Choose Self-Storage?

Schenectady Self Storage

If you’ve never used a self-storage unit, it can be easy to wonder why anyone might need to have one. Here are some of the most common reasons we have heard for why our customers choose Side by Side Storage solutions.

Reason 1 – Limited storage space at home.

Sometimes circumstances require us to make do with living quarters that are smaller than we’d like. Whether the issue is a lack of basement or attic, too few closets, or just a home that is too small overall, it can be difficult to store your belongings when you lack sufficient space. When this happens, we may find ourselves resorting to piling things in corners or stuffing the garage so full that the car no longer fits inside.

The good news is that by renting a unit from Side by Side Storage, you can reduce the clutter in your home by storing your seasonal and other less-commonly used items. This allows you to hold on to your valuables and mementos without feeling like they are taking up space that is better used for other purposes.

Reason 2 – Moving in stages.

Moving can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. In some cases, your move may be complicated further by the need to move out from one location before you are ready to move into your new permanent home. Perhaps you are waiting to hear back on job applications in another city and don’t want to be locked into a long-term lease. Or maybe your current lease is ending, but your new home still needs paint or remodeling. Whatever your experience, self-storage allows you to live temporarily with just the necessities, without losing the household goods you want to keep for your new home.

Reason 3 – Family responsibility.

When a family member passes away or moves into a long-term care facility, it may fall to you to manage their belongings. This kind of transition often occurs when you are not physically or emotionally ready to spend hours sorting through your loved one’s items to decide what should be kept, sold, or given away. Self-storage allows you to take your time and process these items at your own pace, in your own time.

Whether your need is caused by lack of space, moving challenges, family responsibilities, or something else entirely, self-storage can be a valuable and affordable resource to ensure that your valuable belongings and precious memories are kept safe and close at hand.

For more information or to schedule a tour of one of our local facilities, contact Side by Side Storage.