Don’t Feel Like Goldilocks! Use Our Helpful Size Estimator.

Self Storage in Schenectady

No matter why you’ve decided to do so, preparing to store your items can be highly stressful. One of the biggest challenges can be determining what size storage unit you need. At Side By Side Storage, we don’t want you to feel like Goldilocks, worrying whether the unit you select will be too big or too small for the things you need to store.

At Side By Side, we offer a wide variety of storage unit size options to suit your individual needs. Use our helpful size estimation tools on our website or read through this useful information to help you find the unit that’s just right.

Here are just a few of our unit size options:

  • Our 5’x5′ unit is about the size of an average closet. With no need to hang clothing or coats, you can use this space to stack boxes from floor to ceiling.
  • The 5’x10′ unit is more like a walk-in closet. This can hold a few furniture items or a mattress and boxspring, along with boxes and other small items.
  • Our 5’x15′ unit provides a long, deep space that is great for storing seasonal items or stacked boxes, while still allowing easy access.
  • A 10’x10′ unit will hold the contents of a full 1 bedroom apartment, including some furniture and appliances.
  • Our 10’x15′ unit can comfortably store the furnishings of a large 1 bedroom house.

In addition to these common sizes and shapes, Side By Side Storage offers several specialty options to handle all your storage needs. We provide seasonal or year-round storage for automobiles, boats, and RVs. Our Schenectady location includes locker units, RV units, and more, with 24/7 access.

For your business storage needs, we can provide simple document storage, a local location for promotional or seasonal materials, or even inventory storage. Our Gloversville location features warehouse storage of 5,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Whatever your storage needs, Side By Side Storage can provide the unit space to make storing your items safe and easy. Our units rent month to month, so if you find that you have more or less than you originally estimated, you are not locked into a contract for your first unit selection.

For more information about our versatile self-storage options or to schedule a tour of one of our local facilities, contact our office.