Store with Confidence at Side by Side Storage

Schenectady Self Storage

When you need to store personal belongings, you don’t want to lose sleep worrying about your storage unit. Between television and movies, it can be difficult to think about storage units without recalling horror stories of thefts, damage, or danger at storage facilities. That’s why Side by Side Storage has been carefully designed to provide you with peace of mind along with your rental unit.

First, we ensure that you are safe when you are in one of our local facilities. Our properties are conveniently located in town and are fenced and gated for your protection. All gate access is PIN-coded for your safety. Every gate entry and exit is logged and video recorded, so we can be certain that only authorized customers and staff are on site. Additionally, our facilities are well-lit and feature security cameras throughout, with off-site monitoring and recording.

Next, we ensure the safety of your belongings. We provide complimentary disc locks to our new customers in Schenectady, and you can get a free lock in our Gloversville location by mentioning the offer on our website. These locks are brand new, still in the package, and are pick-resistant to keep your unit secure. If you prefer, you are welcome to use your own lock for your unit.

We do not allow any illegal, flammable, volatile, or combustible materials in any of our units. Food, liquids, explosives, or toxic materials are banned, as well. By preventing the storage of potentially hazardous or insect-attracting materials, we ensure that your belongings will not be damaged by proximity or by the improper handling or storage of such items.

If you wish to insure your stored belongings against any potential damage or loss, we can provide you with information about an affordable storage insurance plan. Proof of insurance is required in the case of stored vehicles, boats, or RVs.

We also protect you digitally, when you store with Side by Side Storage. Your personal account information is maintained off-site on secure servers. We offer encrypted electronic money transactions and ensure complete PCI compliance.

Side by Side Storage is locally owned and operated. Our business is community-based and civic-minded. We use eco-friendly lighting systems to help keep our business “green.” We also feature online service options, such as bill payment, reservations, and account management for your convenience.

At Side by Side Storage, we want you to rest with confidence that your belongings are secure. For more information or a tour of our local Schenectady or Gloversville facilities, contact Side by Side Storage.